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Coronavirus Update

As of 16th March 2020 (11:00 Swiss time)

1.       Current condition

Current confirmed cases:  150, cases of Death:  3

2.       Travel Restrictions

As from 14th March no foreign traveler is allowed in Poland. No flights are being operated to/from Poland. This decision will be in place for the following 10 days but it can be extended until 10th April.




As of 11th March 2020 (13:00 Swiss time)


1.       Current condition

Current confirmed cases:  27, cases of Death:  0


Starting from 11th March 2020, schools, kindergarten, theatres, cinemas were shut down for the next 14 days. 

Starting from 11th March, all the events over 999 people outdoor and 300 indoor, are restricted by the government until 31st March 2020. Several sporting events being organized with closed doors without spectators in the last days.

As of now, the preparation of Warsaw 4-star continues as normal. Ongoing monitoring is implemented to follow the development and government regulations in the follow days and further assessment will be updated accordingly.


2.       Travel Restrictions

There is no travel restriction coming to Poland, however, the travelers from China, Hong Kong, Iran, Italy, South Korea, and Macau are requested to fill in health declaration form.


3.       Contact

NF Coordinator: Mrs. Olga Nowakowska

Tel: +48 22 462 82 46

Mobile: +48 665 360 001



Tournament Director: Mr. KAMIƃSKI Piotr

Phone: +48 510 274 914






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Weather conditions in the same period when the event will be scheduled

23 C 

Sunrise and sunset time

4:25 ; 20:45



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Tourist Attractions

Old Town, The Royal Castle in Warsaw Museum, The Royal Lazienki Museum, Copernicus Science Centre , Warsaw Rising Museum, Palace of Culture and Science

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GMT +1