Russia coach Sammelvuo: "We played with focus after a long tournament"


Russia conclude the World Cup with a 5-6 card

Hiroshima, Japan, October 15, 2019 – Yaroslav Podlesnykh scored a match-high 12 points as Russia beat Tunisia 3-0 (25-16, 25-16, 25-15) at the FIVB Men’s World Cup on Tuesday. 

Russia coach Tuomas Sammelvuo: "I’m happy it was a fast win. We played with focus after a long tournament. It was a good experience. I’m happy that we are healthy. We will analyze the whole season after this tournament.

We were in control with our service and reception and after that our attack."

Russia captain Sergey Grankin: "We renewed our focus today. We had a good start and played well in service and reception which led us to attack quickly."

Tunisia coach Antonio Giaccobe: "This match is easy to analyze. They played strong and stayed in that mindset during the entire match. They controlled everyball. I do have a partial satisfaction though as all my players gave a good effort."

Tunisia captain Hosni Kara Mosli: "Our opponents played strong. We played well. The substance was good today, unlike yesterday’s game. But we could not win."