Our players had a good level of concentration: Brazil coach


The captains of Cameroon and Brazil greet each other on Friday

Osaka, Japan, September 27, 2019 – Brazil beat Cameroon 3-0 (25-11, 25-17, 25-18) in the second match on the ninth day of the FIVB Women’s World Cup at Osaka’s Edion Arena on Friday. 

Brazil coach Jose Roberto Guimaraes: "It was an important win for us today. It means we still have a chance of making third place. One thing that impressed me today was the behavior of the players and their level of concentration, as well as their overall performance in the game. Congratulations to Cameroon; it’s a team that’s getting better day by day and improving, which is great for the volleyball community. Against Russia, one of the keys to victory will be to maintain the focus we had against China. Russia play with high balls and it will be a difficult match, but if we can keep our concentration and focus as we have been doing, it will give us a chance of a win."

Brazil captain Fabiana Claudino: "Today, I’m happy with the result; it’s very positive. Our serve was especially good and that helped us to overcome our opponents. The Cameroon team is known for its power and attacking skills, so our serve was very important today."

Brazil player Gabriela Braga Guimaraes: "Today’s game was a very important win for us. We were able to do well with our serve; we were very aggressive from the start. But Cameroon are very strong and had some good moments. From now, we will continue to try and battle for the bronze medal. Our teamwork is very good and it’s good that it’s a team that maintains a good level of volleyball. For me, I’m happy that I’m in good physical condition and able to play from the start in most games and I want to continue at this level."

Cameroon coach Jean Rene Akono Bekono: "I’m not happy, not so much because of the result but because of the way we lost. We didn’t have many good moments in most skills so I’m not happy with that. One of the reasons is that we are not used to this kind of tournament. It’s very long and requires a lot of preparation. Today, there were a few moments when I was angry with my team, but playing against high-level teams like China, USA and Brazil is something that helps us learn. So, we’ll do our best to keep growing and to have better performances in our next games. We had 3-2 losses against the Dominican Republic and Argentina, so now I want my players to become stronger mentally and play their best in our last game against Kenya."

Cameroon captain Christelle Nana Tchoudjang: "Of course, we’re not happy with the result. We had problems from the start, especially on serve reception. We all know Brazil is a strong team. From now, we will do our best in our remaining games and try to get better results."