Kwiek: Our mix of experience and youth is proving positive


The Dominican Republic has reason to celebrate after a 3-0 win vs Argentina.

Osaka, Japan, September 27, 2019 – The Dominican Republic faced off against Argentina at Maruzen Intec Arena in the second of Friday’s matches in Osaka. The Dominican team took the win in three sets (25–16, 25–23, 27–25), showing poise and experience in clutch moments.

Dominican Republic coach Marcos Kwiek: "We knew today’s match would be tense and hard-fought. We played against each other many times, in the Pan American and South American competitions and others. We know them quite well. We knew we had to be very aggressive in our service, otherwise it would be very difficult to win. In the second set their service got better, and in the third set it was quite good. In that last set we got our rhythm back, serving and attacking better. With two more matches left here, we will focus on those in our training. Next year we have the OQTs, so we will continue to practice hard."

On his team’s relative experience, and what his team can improve on
: "On our team there is a good mix of veterans and younger players. But even our young players have been in many international matches and are used to the international stage. Our mix of experience and youth is proving positive. Veteran players are keeping an eye on young players, teaching them where they can. In this way not only can our young players learn a lot, but our veterans can learn a lot too."

Dominican Republic captain Prisilla Rivera Brens
: "Today’s win was a good one for us. In the third set they turned tables on us a little bit, but we regained concentration and were able to win. In the end I think it was a good win for us."

On her injured finger, which was heavily taped: "There is pain, yes, there is pain, but I got it treated. I’m getting treatment and taping to mitigate further issues."

Dominican Republic player Brayelin Martinez: "As my captain said, in the third set they turned things round, and it was a bit of an uphill battle for us to get through that. However we regained our concentration and it was good in the end."

On the veteran leadership on her team: "It is really eye opening, and I learned a lot from our experienced players like (Bethania) De La Cruz and Rivera. I try to learn from them every day try to watch and absorb as much as I can from them."

Argentina coach Hernan Ferraro: "We knew we were going up against an excellent team today. The Dominican Republic has an excellent coach staff, and I congratulate them on their win today. We made many errors ourselves, and couldn’t keep our concentration very well. Though there were moments when we played well, but I think our defence was still too loose. In the second half of the match, we were ok, but I still felt we need to improve our reception and defence.

On where his team has improved and what they still need to improve on: "I think my team has played well so far in this competition, but it is easy for us to lose our concentration, especially with so many young players both on the floor and on the bench. If we keep our younger players on the court too long, it’s hard for them to keep their concentration. So in those key moments, we’ll look to the bench for support."

On facing hosts Japan: "In this competition, it’s always hard to know what will happen next. After I return today I’ll try to square things up. But typically in the past Japan has showed good technique, and tomorrow we’re expecting a full house, so we’re very much looking forward to the match tomorrow."

Argentina captain Julieta Constanza Lazcano: "Today obviously the Dominican Republic outplayed us. We made a lot of errors, and that’s why we ended up with this result. I congratulate them on their play today."

On her own performance
: "Today I made many errors, however I think I can improve. After I return, I will look at some video and look at my own play for areas of improvement."