Argentina defended really well: Russia coach


Russia captain Evgeniya Startseva during the press conference after Monday's victory

Toyama, Japan, September 23, 2019 – Russia beat Argentina 3-0 (25-21, 25-16, 25-21) on the seventh day of the FIVB Women’s World Cup at Toyama City Gymnasium on Monday. 

Russia coach Sergio Busato: "Today, Russia had difficulties in attack because Argentina have a very good system of block defence and in the stats had more digs than Russia. But our team have a good block and solved some of these problems. I’m satisfied because we could play all the team members. Tomorrow’s match is like a final and for this reason, I don’t think attacks or serves or digs or reception will be so important. I think it will be important to have heart and passion and teamwork. I think if we focus only on one skill area we will lose in all of them. Holland is one of the best teams in the world and that’s not just what I say; statistics say that."

Russia captain Evgeniya Startseva: "For us, to win was the most important thing, so for that I’m satisfied. We had to correct some points but we were able to do that and that was good for us."

Argentina coach Hernan Ferraro: Today, we didn’t play so well and we had problems in attack. The Russians are tall and block well, but that doesn’t mean our attacks aren’t bad. I don’t think we were thinking that we could win. We lost when we had one attacker up against one blocker and that was a big problem today. Tomorrow’s opponents [Cameroon] have some problems with reception, but we have to do what we have to do. We have some young players but we also have players who have come to Japan for the second time and I want them to show the young players how to play on the court."

Argentina captain Julieta Constanza Lazcano: "We knew it would be a tough match because Russia’s players are tall. We tried to battle with them but couldn’t get a good result."

Argentina player Lucia Fresco: "All the teams here are difficult to play against. Attack was especially difficult because of the height of the Russian players. I don’t think I did well today and I think I could have done better because I’m as tall as the Russian players, so I must do better in our next matches."