Argentina coach says improved attack and defence was key for win over Egypt


Argentina picked up their fifth win in the competition after Monday's win against Egypt

Hiroshima, Japan, October 14, 2019 – Augustin Loser scored a match-high 25 points as Argentina downed Egypt 3-1 (25-27, 25-17, 25-22, 25-17), at the FIVB Men’s World Cup on Monday. 

Argentina coach Marcelo Mendez: "Today it was a difficult first set. Egypt made it go point-by-point. They scored when they had to. Our serve and attack became better from the second set. We wish Egypt well in their upcoming Olympic Qualifying Tournament."

Argentina player Matias Sanchez: "It was a tough match. They had a great attack in the first set. We did better in attack and defence from the second set. We will focus on our next match tomorrow now. I’m happy to compete in the World Cup. I hope to grow along with our other young players."

Egypt coach Gido Vermeulen: "We played well in the first set in defense. After that Argentina’s serve was good and our serves were not so good, so we could not attack. I had to smile during the match at Argentina’s beautiful volleyball. We could not stop them. They were better today, much better.

They have a good setter who distributed the ball well every time. He did not make a single mistake."

Egypt player Rashad Atia: "We have a new team made up of young and veteran players. This is a good experience for our young players and import ahead of the Olympic Qualifying Tournament. We hope to play better tomorrow to give Egypt a good image in the World Cup."