We got better with each match, says Sander


Win or lose, the experience gathered in Poland will pay off for both Team USA and Australia in the upcoming weeks of the VNL.

Katowice, Poland, June 2, 2019 - Team USA completed its duties in Pool 3 in Poland on a high note, with a 3-1 victory against Australia, who did not manage to show the same intensity as in Saturday's five-setter with Brazil.

USA coach John Speraw: "This weekend was obviously great. We put a number of new players on the court. We competed really well last night, a couple of points here and there and it could have been a different result. We are proud of the way we played. Today we started rough, maybe a long match a night before and not enough sleep. The guys turned it around and I'm really proud of the way they finished the match today." 
USA captain Taylor Sander: "We were able to play some guys who didn't play last night, so we had a lot of energy. We had a good time here. It's good to end the first VNL weekend with a win. I feel like each match we got better and it's what we want to do. We got a lot of experience for our young guys and it's awesome, because they had an opportunity to play in front of an amazing crowd. It's a big bonus for us."

Australia coach Mark Lebedew: "Today we didn't have the capacity to fight for this game. The US were more willing to fight, more willing to do difficult things today and in this kind of event you have to be prepared and do everything you can. It was a good performance the first two days and a missed opportunity on the third day."
Australia captain Harrison Peacock: "We had a problem with energy in this game. It's the last game after really hard matches, but it's still not an excuse. We couldn't find energy for whatever reason today. It's really disappointing, because we had a good opportunity. We started the match so well and the US didn't have full strength, so it was a really good opportunity to win the game. We had many good things during this weekend, yesterday we got a really strong point for us, we had many outstanding performances in our team and we played really good as a group."