"We are on our way" says Fronckowiak


The VNL has just started and Brazil "need time to reach their level" - said coach Marcelo Fronckowiak after a near upset by Australia in Katowice.

Katowice, Poland, June 1, 2019 - Team Australia were close to making a sensation in Pool 3, in their match against Brazil. In the end the World Championship runners-up prevailed but only after five sets of dramatic ups and downs.

Brazil coach Marcelo Fronckowiak: "Congratulations to Mark and his team. He played with many new players. Yesterday we studied a different setter and opposite, but making changes in the line-up is normal. He engaged all his team. We had many problems in the first set. Leal didn't practice a lot with the team, so we have to improve and adapt Leal to our system of play, the same thing goes for our younger players, like Flavio and Maique. In the fourth set I made a double change and it didn't work, so we lost many points then and later it was just crazy. So again congratulations to Australia, but we are on our way, we need time to reach our level. We decided to change the team and we have to pay the price for that. Eventually, we obtained a victory and it's really important."

Brazil player Lucarelli: "Australia changed their roster and played very well today. They did a great job in defence, so it was difficult for us. Our service worked fine, but they were receiving well, so it was a really tough game. However, we won and this is the most important thing here."

Australia coach Mark Lebedew: "It was a really difficult game today, because the players were really tired. Yesterday we arrived at the hotel very late and the guys didn't go to sleep until 3 am. We didn't have energy for a whole match, we had energy for one set, but we kept fighting. And once you are fighting you always have some chances. We had an opportunity to defeat Brazil, so we have to be happy because conditions were difficult for us and we have one point."

Australia captain Harrison Peacock: "It was a short turnaround for us. After a game like yesterday where there is a lot of energy, it's hard  to fall asleep and to recover, but I think we made a pretty good job in regaining energy. The crowd and guys from the bench helped us a lot. The guys tried to get the crowd involved and it brought energy to us as well. The Polish fans are awesome. We have a certain relation with the Polish crowd."


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