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Prandi: Disappointed by losing some opportunities


Rozalin Penchev of Bulgaria spikes against the triple block of Poland

Ningbo, China, June 8, 2019 - Poland staged a thrilling comeback 3-1 (22-25, 25-19, 27-25, 25-20) victory over Bulgaria on Saturday here at the Beilun Sports and Arts Center.

Bulgaria captain Nikolay Uchikov: "My feeling for today is very different from yesterday. Yesterday we did not do a lot of things, but today they happened. I am happy that a lot of things were going in a good way. It is important for us to build and make something more everyday. I am happy that today we made it."

Poland captain Fabian Drzyzga: "We are happy to win the match today because yesterday we lost the game. However, our volleyball still was not the same level as before. We still have to work more in the next match."

Bulgaria coach Silvano Prandi: "In fact I am not happy unlike my captain. We lost the match 1-3 and now we have 0 points. I am really disappointed because we lost some opportunities to score more than 0 points. But congratulations to Poland. They deserve the victory. I hope tomorrow we can make some changes."

Poland Coach Vital Heynen: "It is not a clear win today. I do not agree we are better than Bulgaria. We just won the crucial points in the third set. Bulgaria had chances to take much more than 0 points. I agree with my colleague's opinion - he is not happy. And I am not happy either. I think we are here to play better and better but we played less well than yesterday. The consequence is that we won the match and 3 points... That’s the only positive thing I can see today."