Petkovic: It was tough


Lazar Cirovic (#5), Aleksandar Okolic (#1) and Andrija Vilimanovic (#22) of Serbia block the ball

Ottawa, Canada, June 8, 2019 - Serbia and Australia clashed on day 2 of the 2019 men's FIVB Volleyball Nations League in Ottawa on Saturday with the European nation claiming a five-set victory. 

Dusan Petkovic, Captain, Serbia: "Our coach was nervous and angry with us after the second set. He said we needed to give more energy so we tried to fight for everything. Some guys didn’t play the first two sets. It was tough but we took it step by step and we were able to come back and win the match."

Nikola Grbic, Head Coach, Serbia: "In the first two weekends we have guys who have never played with the national team, and who don’t have a lot of court time. It’s obvious that they need the rhythm and experience. It’s not something that you can transmit by speaking, and talking about. I tried to mix the players, half being experienced and half being not experienced but it was really tough for them. In the third set, I put back the guys who have more experience and when we changed the equilibrium of the team they started playing better."

Mark Lebedew, Coach, Australia: "We played really well. Especially after the disappointment of the last couple of games we bounced back with a different lineup. There were some plays today where we tried to do too much, where we got into a pressure situation and we tried to be too perfect or we tried to make a shot that wasn’t the right shot for the moment. That’s the difference right now between us and some of the other teams. We’ve played some really good volleyball this week, especially today, and tomorrow we hope to play a little better."

Luke Smith, Australia: "It was a great start, the whole team was really strong and playing a good brand of volleyball. Obviously, the Serbians are a good team and they responded. They bounced back and brought the energy. We tried to match them but there were some elements and some moments that we lacked composure. As a team we have to analyze how to get out of small holes that we create and bounce back quicker than ever before."


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