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Future looks bright for Brazil after first VNL week


"We can think about Final Six", said Brazil coach Marcelo Fronckowiak.

Katowice, Poland, June 2, 2019 - Brazil cannot complain about their VNL weekend in Poland. With their 3-1 win against the host team Poland on Sunday, they finish Pool 3 with three victories in as many matches.

Brazil coach Marcelo Fronckowiak: "I'm very happy about the VNL opening weekend. Brazil are under pressure all the time. Lucarelli came back, Leal joined our team. There was also a lot of pressure from the supporters of Poland. We changed our team a bit, but we were able to keep a high level. It was a really important opener and three victories in three games with such strong opponents allows us to think about qualification to the Final Six. Poland weren't in their best shape today, they played without Konarski and at the same time we had a very good situation in the first set, but we lost this part, because of some tactical situations. After the first set we put a lot of pressure on reception and we played very well in serve-block-defence, also our side-out with Fernando was great."
Brazil player Lucarelli: "It was a really good game. The first set was tense, but in the second set we played better in reception, our service was great and our system worked perfectly. It was difficult to play here against Poland, so it's really an important victory. It's always good to win, especially the away matches. Three wins is a good result, now we are going to Japan. The beginning of the season is always difficult, because you have to work on team harmony."
Poland coach Vital Heynen: "We started this game well. We were fighting with the consequences of yesterday's game, which lasted three hours. It cost us energy, so Konarski didn't play today, because I didn't want to play with guys who are not 100% fresh. Kubiak, Bieniek were also not 100%, so they were not in the starting six. And some guys have to learn to play at this level. We will learn the lesson from this weekend. I'm happy that we had such an amazing crowd and that we could give them good games."

Poland player Fabian Drzyzga: "We are not in our best shape yet. Brazil came here with a stronger team and, as far as I know, they trained together a bit longer than we did ahead of this season. For example, Bartłomiej Bołądź played his second game in the national team today and we played without Dawid Konarski and all of us struggle with some health issues. The coach made many substitutions, because he wanted to give an opportunity to play to those who didn't spend too much time on court in previous days."