Fromm: "We finally rewarded ourselves with a victory"


Christian Fromm was one of the most important players for Germanys victory.

Leipzig, Germany, June 28, 2019 - Germany's best scorer Christian Fromm was very happy about the long-awaited victory in the 2019 FIVB Volleyball Nations League against Portugal on home ground in Leipzig.

Germany's best scorer Christian Fromm: "We were really often very close to win in the last weeks. And now we finally rewarded ourselves with a victory. Especially sweet to win at home. That's very important for this young team. But we have to make a lot more steps in the next weeks."

German player Simon Hirsch: "We didn't play on the same level the whole match, but we made the last point this time. Now we look forward to play against world champions Poland. Our motto: full attack!"

Portugal player Marco Ferreira: "I'm very disappointed. In our situation we need to win every match now. We played good volleyball in the first two sets, but we lost our concentration in the decisive moments again. That's our biggest problem: That's why we lose our matches."


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