Ferraro fully focused on Las Panteras


After one year splitting his time between the national team and Ciudad Voley, Ferraro has decided to step down from his club job.

Buenos Aires, Argentina, October 1, 2020 – The Argentinean women’s national team are now the focus of Hernan Ferraro’s attention as the 52-year-old head coach has stepped down from his coaching position at Ciudad Voley in the Argentinean men’s volleyball league.

Ferraro spent the last seven years with the Buenos Aires-based club, which he led to an Argentinean Cup title in the 2017-2018 season. His decision was motivated by a busy 2019-2020 season, one in which the former setter of the Argentinean national team felt he couldn’t dedicate enough time to the two teams he was coaching.

“I felt overwhelmed at times last season. At the same time I was with Ciudad competing in the league, I had to track the national team players who were overseas because of the Olympic Qualification tournaments,” the coach explained. “Timing just wasn’t working. I felt I wasn’t able to do things the way I believe is right and that wasn’t fair either on Ciudad or the national team.”

Despite the heavy workload, Ferraro accomplished his main goals with both Ciudad and Las Panteras (The Panthers, in Spanish). While the club advanced to the Argentinean league semifinals for just the third time in their history, the national team secured qualification for the Tokyo Olympics.

The coach, who has been working with national team players in training camps in Cordoba and Buenos Aires over the last weeks, will be replaced at Ciudad Voley by Santiago Garcia Domench, who was formerly his assistant at the club.

“It was a joint decision between the club and me,” Ferraro, who appeared at the Athens 2004 Olympics during his playing career, added. “We always conducted our work to develop a system in which everyone was important but no one was irreplaceable, so I’m confident the club won’t miss me. I’ll always be emotionally connected with Ciudad and to me that’s a ‘see you soon’. We’ll always have a connection and the doors for a return in the future remain open.”

Besides the coaching change, Ciudad Voley have also confirmed two signings for the upcoming national season. The team have added a pair of former national team outside hitters in Agustin Ramonda and Brian Melgarejo, who were both with Club Bolivar last season.