Juliana: Snow Volleyball is here to stay

Bariloche, Argentina, August 4, 2019 - Brazil’s Juliana Felisberta Da Silva, one of the most important female beach volleyball players of this century, decided to try the snow at the 2019 World Tour stage in Bariloche, Argentina, and she’s convinced about the potential of the sport.

“It’s a new and unique experience”, says Juliana, beach volleyball bronze medalist at London 2012 with Larissa Franca. “It’s something completely different to everything; it’s not like indoor nor beach volleyball. It’s a brand new sport with a learning process for us, because we don’t have snow in Brazil. These days have been a lesson on how to play in the snow.”

Teaming up with Josemari Alves and Tainá Silva Bigi, the three of them made huge steps in that development path, as they collected win after win until reaching the semifinals. “I still don’t know how to play”, she laughs and then analyses: “We faced a super-organised team as Turkey, then a resilient team like Argentina and our match against Slovakia was really tough too. That helped us learn and we are getting more organised ourselves.”

Crowned eight times at the FIVB beach volleyball World Tour, Juliana underlines the energy of this Brazilian team is a key factor to their rapid success: “The three of us have the same spirit - we try to complete each other on court and we are eager to learn. We are very happy to be playing here.”

“Snow volleyball is here to stay”, she adds. “We are in the middle of a ski resort, a place which it’s supposed to be freezing, and there’s this warmth that makes everything wonderful. This sport combines volleyball, which is a fantastic spectacle, with music and whole families enjoying. You can see children with their parents next to the courts, young boys and girls, and everyone having fun with the matches.”


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