Shliapnikov: We expected tougher match against Bulgaria


The coach of Russia Sergei Shlipnikov was really happy with the performance of your team during the match against Bulgaria which Russia won 3-0 in Sofia.

Sofia, Bulgaria, June 3, 2018 – Russia coach Sergei Shliapnikov expected a tougher match against Bulgaria but nevertheless was pleased with the 3-0 performance in their last match in Sofia at the Volleyball Nations League on Sunday.

Russia coach Sergei Shliapnikov: “I thought the match against Bulgaria will be really tough that is why I motivated my players and prepared them for a difficult game. I told them it is necessary to show character especially against an opponent that will play on home soil because the supporters are like the seventh player on the court. I’m happy with our straight-set victory. We are starting to play better and better, match per match.”

Russia player Dmitriy Muserskiy
: “The Bulgarians have an amazing support for their team in this tournament. I expected a difficult match, which will finish in tie-break. We prepared for this match seriously, but we were the better team on the field. I’m happy with this great victory because Bulgaria is a serious opponent and the matches against them are always difficult.”

Bulgaria coach Plamen Konstantinov
: “Russia played better than us in all aspects of the game. They played really well from the very first point and without any ups and downs in the match. They played phenomenal today.”

Bulgaria captain Viktor Yosifov
: “It was a difficult match. Russia dominated us physically. In some moments of the game, we were serving really well but they received well. They defeated us on all fronts.”


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