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Lippmann focused on performance


Louisa Lippmann celebrates a point with her teammates

Stuttgart, Germany, June 13, 2019 - Currently ranked sixth in the competition's best scorer table, Louisa Lippmann leads the German team in this year's FIVB Volleyball Nations League. The 25-year-old international, who has scored a total of 159 points so far, spoke to about her current impressions and hopes for the future ahead of the final day in week 4 when Germany are up against the Netherlands in Stuttgart.
What do you think about Germany's performance in the VNL so far?
Louisa Lippmann: "I think we had some ups and downs in the beginning. Over the last two weeks, however, we have started to improve our level. We have to work on avoiding errors to get a higher rank this year."
What do you think about the VNL in general?
Louisa Lippmann: "The Volleyball Nations League is a great tournament where we play at a high level all summer long. We face the 15 best teams in the world; we have three high-leve matches per week and that´s what it is about. We always have to play at the limit to keep up with the other teams."
Which game was your favourite game so far?
Louisa Lippmann: "Brazil, of course! Our last games against Brazil were very emotional, but we played at our highest physical and psychological level to beat them once again. This was a team win because even the players off the court showed massive support and emotions during the game."

You´re actually rebuilding your team, how is the process going?
Louisa Lippmann: "We´re integrating many young players to the team at the moment. Germany has many young and talented players, but they also have to play to develop and to learn the high-level tactics. It´s pretty important to have both a good starting six, and also a possibility to change something at a high level." 
What is your specific task in the team?
Louisa Lippmann: "As an opposite I have to score many points to help my team. I belong to the 'old' players since there are so many young players here. So I have to be positive and emotional on the court to lead my teammates."

What is your goal with the team?
Louisa Lippmann: "Of course we want to qualify for the Olympic Games next year in Tokyo. This is our big dream. We are also looking forward to the European Championship where we want to stay in the tournament as long as possible."
What is your personal goal for the next years?
Louisa Lippmann: "The Olympic Games are my personal goal too. That´s something I am hoping for, because it´s the best you can ever achieve. Personally, I want to develop myself and get to a higher level day by day."

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