Iran falls to France in Ardabil


Ardabil, Iran, June 23, 2019 - Iran lost to France in the final match in Ardabil on Sunday in the 2019 men's FIVB Volleyball Nations League.

France coach, Laurent Tillie: "It was first a nice victory against Iran. We know that Iran did not play with the usual starting players, they made a lot of changes, but it was important for us to have consistency and I am astonished by the amazing fans and atmosphere. This is what volleyball needs."

France captain, Benjamin Toniutti: "I think we played better compared with the first two days, though it was not perfect. We are happy with this game. Iran made a lot of substitutions and we took advantage of this opportunity to win. Regarding the atmosphere, it is beyond volleyball games, and we need this kind of atmosphere to play volleyball. I have played in a lot of countries, but this time, it was way different, and we really enjoyed the weekend. I thank the people for this."

Iran coach, Igor Kolakovic: "I must congratulate the France team for this victory and I thank the support of the two cities hosting the games in Iran, Urmia and Ardabil. They supported us from the beginning of the game until the end even though we did not play well, this energy means a lot to me and my team and I apologize if we did not win tonight’s game. And sadly we lost the opportunity to qualify at home. But we will have another chance in the final week because there are three more games and I hope we play well against Bulgaria and other teams."
Iran captain, Saeid Marouf: "I congratulate France, it was not a satisfactory game from our side. They are disciplined and they dictate their power on the court."


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