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Gianlorenzo Blengini - It was a good victory


Italy was satisfied with their victory against USA on Friday

Ufa, Russia, June 7, 2019 - Italy defeated USA in four sets on day one of the 2019 men's FIVB Volleyball Nations League pool in Ufa on Friday.

Italy captain Simone Giannelli: "The game was amazing - we fought against USA, they are a great team. We made a really good result. We played good except the second set but the level in the competition is very high and it is difficult to play at that high level. I’m happy but tomorrow we will have a very difficult match against Portugal so we have to be focused."

USA head coach John Speraw: "It was a great match, we played great. We used a lot of our young players and it was a great experience for them. Dagostino played well, more or less good passing. It was a good and new experience. I dont think we blocked really well. We were not so good in our offence, but some of the defence positions were really good. We have do go back and evaluate how to serve well. We will have to learn from that and try to manage our bodies."

USA player Benjamin Patch: "That was a good game, for our first night in Russia, we are really exited to be on the court again, and we played a really good game in serve and passing, blocked very well. Talking about us as a team - we had a lot of young guys playing with us today. This is a learning experience. It was just another one of those nights."

Italy coach Gianlorenzo Blengini: "It was a good victory. We are glad that we won not only because of our offence but because of our passing. There were some difficulties. The second set started not so good for us, USA attacked very well, we need to think more."