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Balkestein-Grothues - We dominated throughout the match



Ekaterinburg, Russia, June 20, 2019 – The Netherlands defeated Russia in three sets in the last match in Ekaterinburg in the 2019 women's FIVB Volleyball Nations League.

Russia coach Alexander Krasilnikov said: "The second set was in our hands. But our passes failed our game in this set. We led 24-19 in the second set, and we must be able to win such endings. We lost concentration, were confused. We did not have a leader who could play at the decisive moment. If we had won the second set, a fight would have ensued, the game would have been different."

Netherlands captain Maret Balkestein-Grothues said: "It was a cool moment when in the second set we were able to recoup when the score was 19-24. We started to serve well, and due to this we were able to reverse the game in this set. Such comebacks are very important for the team.  But in general, we dominated throughout the match with the Russian national team. I really like to play in Russia, in Ekaterinburg. The audience is very friendly and create a cool atmosphere at the matches."