Useful Information

Coronavirus Update


As of 16th March 2020 (15:00 Swiss time)


1.       Current condition

Current confirmed cases:  93      Death:  0


There is ban on the public gathering and the sporting events in Moscow with more than 5000 spectators (until April.10).

There is ban on the public gathering and the sporting events all over Russia (different locations and different deadlines) with more than 1000 spectators.


2.       Travel Restrictions


There are no problems with the visas if its humanitarian visa for sports and culture.

From March 16th everyone entering the country must spent 2 weeks self-quarantining regardless if they have symptoms or not.


As of 11th March 2020 (13:00 Swiss time)



1.       Current condition

Current confirmed cases: 20, cases of Death:  0

Starting from 11th March, Mayor of Moscow has just signed a decree prohibiting any events in the city (including sports events) with more than 5000 people. This is a temporary measure till April 10 for now.


2.       Travel Restrictions


•       Chinese nationals with education, tourism, and work visas will have limited entry access to Russia from 20 February 2020 until further notice.

•       Passengers who have been in China (People's Rep.), France, Germany, Iran, Italy, Korea (Rep.) or Spain and are planning to stay in Moscow must report to the special hotline by phone. They must stay self-isolated in Moscow for a period of 14 days or for the duration of their stay if less than 14 days.


Relevant documents and links:


3.       Contact

Tournament Director: Marina Shcherbakova

Phone : +79262285799

Email :


Volleyball Russia CEO: Shevchenko Stanislav

Tel: +74956370850



Call centre of Coronavirus: 8 800 555 49 43 (2)







Side events

Public contests, amateur tournaments, sightseeing, awarding ceremony.


~400-10 000 Rub.

Hospitality Package(s)

VIP: VIP tribune access, snacks, drinks.

VVIP: VIP tribune access, snacks, drinks, lunch, beverage, shuttle services.

Weather conditions in the same period when the event will be scheduled

Min.temperature: 16C

Max.temperature: 30C


Rain: 10-15 mm/ m2

Wind: 6-11 m/s

Sunrise and sunset time

Sunrise: 03:50

Sunset:  21:05


1 EUR~72,00 RUB

1 US~69,00 RUB

Recommended hotels

Hotel “Korston”,119334, Moscow, Kosygina st., 15


Hotel “Yunost”, 119048, Moscow, Khamovnicheskiy shaft, 34



Tourist Attractions

The Bolshoi Theatre, Red Square, Tretyakov Gallery, Cathedral of Christ the Saviour.

Time zone

UTC/GMT+4 hours