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Corona Virus Update:


As of March 13th 2020 (07:00am Swiss time, 16:00 Gold Coast time) :

As per advice received from organizer,  that as of 4.00pm today (13 March 2020), Gold Coast Volleyslam incorporating the FIVB 3 Star World Tour event will proceed as planned.

Letter received from organizer reconfirming as of 1600 gold coast time.

Volleyball Australia has been advised that there are no restrictions being considered by the Government that will prevent the FIVB World Tour Event from being conducted at Coolangatta Beach during the event window. However, late today the Australian Government announced that public gatherings and events will be restricted to a maximum size of 500 people. While we still need to clarify the detail of this restriction, VA  will need to ensure the event complies with the intent of this requirement, which may necessitate closing the tournament to the public.

The Volleyball Australia Executive will continuously monitor the situation in the coming days and consider additional actions that may be required to enhance the safety of the athletes, coaches, officials and event staff. It is also confirmed that this weekend Australian national junior championships and our National Tour will proceed are the same venue and this will also test the controls and protocols thoroughly.


Travel reference:


As of March 11th 2020 (10:00am Swiss time) :

1.       Current condition

Current confirmed cases:  120      Death:  03

As of now the information is published, there is no ban on the public gathering and the sporting events in Australia. The advice is to exercise the normal safety precaution to minimize your risk of exposure such as practicing good hand hygiene.


2.       Travel Restrictions


Foreign nationals (excluding permanent resident of Australia) who have been in the following countries will not be allowed to enter Australia for 14 days from the time they have left or transited through:

-       Mainland China (Since 01 February 2020)

-       Iran (Since 01 March 2020)

-       Republic of Korea (Since 05 March 2020)

-       Italy (Since 11 March 2020) New

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3.       Contact

Tournament Director: Hall, Charles

Phone : +61 0414 987 936

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Volleyball Australia CEO: Andrew Dee

Tel: +61 2 6214 3503




Australian Government Policy of Travel Restrictions: