Beach Volleyball Awards Most Outstanding Female Player of 2018/2019 - Eduarda ‘Duda’ Lisboa

Lausanne, Switzerland, December 14, 2019 - Based on voting by players and coaches, the FIVB World Tour Beach Volleyball Awards recognise the outstanding performers of the year. We now turn to the Most Outstanding Female Player of 2018/2019.

Most Outstanding Female Player of 2018/2019 - Eduarda ‘Duda’ Santos Lisboa (BRA)

Eduarda ‘Duda’ Lisboa continues to get better and better as each FIVB Beach Volleyball season passes, a worrying fact for her opponents considering she is only 21. 

With beach volleyball greats such as Kerri Walsh Jennings and Larissa Franca playing well into their thirties and even beyond, one can only wonder how much the Brazilian will achieve if she continues as she has started.

She has a strong all-round game, which flourishes in partnership with Agatha Bednarczuk. While Duda is theoretically the defensive player, she has shown time and again that she has no problem attacking at the net.

Her ability to read the play and ensure she is in the right place at the right time to defend is often the launchpad for her and Agatha’s attacks, while she has developed a potent serve that puts her opponents on the backfoot from the start of the rally.

Such form helped Duda and Agatha add to their medal collections in the 2018-19 season as they finished with two gold, two bronze and silver from the Rome 2019 FIVB World Tour Finals.

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