Ana Paula Borgo highlights support from the stands in Brazil's victory over China


Ana Paula Borgo was one of Brazil's best on court tonight

Brasilia, Brazil, May 21, 2019 - Pool hosts Brazil defeated reigning Olympic champions China in their opening match of the 2019 FIVB Volleyball Nations League.

Ana Paula Borgo, Brazil opposite hitter: "Our team worked out all together. Each of us did what we expected, we played well. We need to improve some aspects of our game, which is normal as we are just beginning the season. It is nice to play here in Brazil, the warm welcome from the stands thrills me."

Jose Roberto GuimarĂ£es, Brazil head coach: "China has game volume, they have a great defensive system, so our service has to be efficient. Our team is not the tallest in this competition, so we need to speed up every move we make."

Chunlei Zeng, China captain: "This was our first game so we played with passion, but we  need to get more rhythm. We need more time to evolve. After here we will only play in China, so it has been a great experience, mainly for the younger players of our squad. Every match matters to us. The Brazilians are passionate about volleyball and we loved to play for crowded stands."


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